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Running/Marathon/Event Programme

Running Couch to 5k? Running a Marathon? Training for an Event? This could be just the thing for you.

Marathon season is just around the corner! The average finishing time globally for a marathon (26.2 miles) is 4hr 21min 21sec – that’s 261.35 minutes of continuous running, a magnificent forte achieved by many. Although for some runners, making it to the start line can sometimes feel like a marathon itself; and that’s because the training involves constant overloading, increased mileage, and improved running economy to result in reduced time and to withstand the endurance event itself. That is why periodisation and sticking to a training plan is imperative for a successful marathon so that runners don’t burn out, over train and inevitably become injured, something that can be a significant setback.

That is why we are offering a running programme that’s available to anybody that is training for a marathon or a running event to help keep you on the right track throughout your training or before the big event.

Running/Marathon/Event Programme – £175 5 treatment sessions 30-40 minutes long covering any of the following: – Musculoskeletal assessment and diagnosis – Sports Massage/manual therapy treatment – Functional movement screening – Range of movement and muscular strength screening – Strength & Conditioning plans to reduce the risk of injury