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Our team

We are a very friendly team of 6 Osteopaths, a Sports and Soft Tissue Therapist, an Acupuncturist, B12 technician and Practice Manager.

All of our Osteopaths have undertaken a 4-year degree programme and continue to embark on regular developmental training in order to maintain clinical and professional excellence. All practitioners are registered with the governing bodies within their field either The General Osteopathic Council or The Institute of Osteopathy

Jonathan Kettle BSc Osteopathy – Senior Osteopath

Jonathan studied and graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1993, and gained a degree in Osteopathy, he joined Bury st Edmunds Osteopaths in 1995 taking over the practice in 1998. In 2005 the practice was relocated to a purpose built building on Moreton Hall where it remains today.

Jonathan has also spent time as a clinic tutor from 2003 -2005 at the European School of Osteopathy which involved a pediatric and adult clinic and regular lecturing in anatomy. He enjoys encouraging new graduates who join the clinic develop in their careers.

Outside of work Jonathan enjoys his time walking with his family and furry friends (the dogs!), gardening and travelling.

James Piercy Bsc Osteopathy

James studied at the British School of Osteopathy, graduating in the summer of 2006 with a degree in Osteopathy, and has since worked in a variety of clinics, initially working with a team of biomechanics experts and podiatrists that have successfully treated a host of elite athletes that compete on the world stage.
Since 2007 he has been working in Newmarket and his local town of Bury St. Edmunds. He is qualified in dry needling acupuncture and has a post-graduate diploma in the management and treatment of sports injuries.
His sporting interests include tennis where he has competed in many regional tournaments, as well as hockey, where he plays for Bury St. Edmunds. James is registered with the Osteopathic governing body the GOSC, as well as a multitude of private healthcare providers.

Paul France D.O M.Ost

Paul France qualified from the European School of Osteopathy with an Integrated Masters Degree in Osteopathy.

Paul started his career with showing an interest in sports injuries having played tennis and judo to competition level from an early age. During his training he had the opportunity to follow mothers through their pregnancies and to treat new-borns and was facinated  to see how Osteopathy can help during such transitional periods and thus he shows a specific interest in this field.

Paul is passionate about Osteopathy and enjoys getting to know his patients as individuals and the challenges that each of them brings. Paul`s aim is to understand the root of the problem to assist as much as possible the symptoms from reoccuring in the future.

Paul has experience of both Structural and Cranial Osteopathy and has followed serveral post graduate courses in Visceral Ostopathy, he is also qualified in dry needling.

Outside of work Paul is a keen traveller and enjoys golf, tennis and running. Paul is a registered member of the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy.

Maud De Jerphanion D.O M.Ost

Maud de Jerphanion qualified from the European School of Osteopathy with an Integrated Master’s Degree in Osteopathy.
Maud is trained in both structural and cranial osteopathy. She uses these skills to tailor her treatment to her patients’ needs in order to get the best outcome.
Maud enjoys listening to patients to truly understand the root cause of their problem, whilst identifying any additional factor’s that could play a role in their wellbeing.
She includes patients in their recovery by providing exercises and tips to get the best results possible.
Maud has also been trained in treating children as well as pre and postnatal women.
Outside Osteopathy, Maud enjoys traveling, hiking and reading.


Billi Bliss D.O.M.Ost

Billi is an Osteopath, graduating from the European school of Osteopathy. In addition she implements her sports massage and dry needling qualifications into treatment when needed.

Post graduate, Billi attained a diploma in animal management and is trained as a Canine Osteopath. This has married her love for animals and their healthcare with her passion for Osteopathy and allows her to help animals in the same way she does human patients.

Billi comes from a sporting background, in her younger years she competed at both a county and national level in competitive and synchronised swimming. This team training mentality has given her a unique insight into how sports driven minds work and how better to manage and treat patients in general.

Billi focuses her treatment on any patient who is experiencing pain or who wishes to improve their mobility and general wellbeing. She sees the great thing about Osteopathic treatment is that it can help anyone – it can be totally holistic or very specific depending on each individual case. She gains so much satisfaction by being able to treat different patients with different problems each day and having their pain resolve and getting them back to their lives.

Samantha Gifford – Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist

Sam is a fully qualified Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist and for the past 7 years have been running her own successful clinic on Royal Deeside in Scotland.

She have supported marathon runners, mixed martial art professionals, dancers, tennis players, golfers and professional cyclists including road cyclist, Josh Quigley, in his Guinness World Record achievement in a seven day cycling event in September 2021.

She prides herself on providing a professional, holistic, effective, safe and client centred approach to her work. Many of the conditions she treats include back and neck pain, sciatica, repetitive strain injury, DOMS, piriformis syndrome, frozen shoulder, groin strain and various other injuries and postural issues.  As well as muscle energy and soft tissue techniques, Sam incorporates dry needling, dry cupping, Gua Sha, acupressure, ScarWork and trigger point therapy amongst other modalities in her treatments. These techniques are invaluable for treating sports injuries, aiding recovery and preventing further injury. They can also be very effective pre and post training. I am also trained in the use of kinesiology tape which can be of huge benefit for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprain, lymphatic issues etc.

Sam also provides Hot stone and Swedish Massage. These treatments are highly effective in stimulating circulation, reducing pain and swelling, enhancing sleep, boosting the immune system, improving posture, relieving muscle spasm and inducing deep relaxation. When combined with cupping massage, huge benefits to skin tone and smoothness can be also be achieved.  Sam will sometimes include energy healing and trauma release techniques which are very gentle and can be incredibly effective for those with undiagnosed pain, stress or PTSD and for those for who find direct touch too triggering.


Gina Roark BSc Acupuncture

Gina is a graduate of Portsmouth University BSc (Hons) Acupuncture, who is dedicated to helping others in the pursuit of optimum physical and emotional health using natural, holistic methods.

Gina is a member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM), the largest regulatory body in the UK for the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also a member of the Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN)

As well as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Gina also practices Tung style acupuncture. Founded by renowned Taiwanese practitioner, Master Tung Ching Chang (1916 – 1975) and is a system of acupuncture known for its rapid clinical effects upon needle insertion.

Gina also has a special interest in women’s health and has undertaken post graduate study in gynaecology, fertility and IVF/Assisted Reproduction.