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About Osteopathy

Osteopathic treatment involves gentle, manual techniques, which relieve pain, reduce swelling and improve mobility.  An Osteopath facilitates the body’s ability to heal itself through a variety of stretching, mobilising and manipulative techniques.

With additional exercises and further health advice, Osteopaths can help in a reduction of symptoms, improving your overall health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Patients of all ages can benefit and each treatment is tailored to suit the individual concerned.Osteopathy is a safe and natural therapy, which focuses on balancing the framework of the body. This framework consists of the bones, ligaments, muscles and connective tissues, which support the ‘soft bits’ (organs) inside that keep you alive.

Our role as Osteopaths is to diagnose and treat problems that occur in the musculoskeletal system due to injury or stress, poor posture, trauma etc and to ensure that your body functions as efficiently as possible to maintain your health and wellbeing.

When our bodies are in harmony and balance, we function with the minimum of wear and tear, we feel less stress and have more energy and vitality available for living.

The body’s framework is the largest system in the body and consists of the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments ; it uses the largest amount of energy in the body.

Human life is not represented simply by the activity of our internal organs. We do not live our lives just to eat, breathe, sleep and breed (at least not most of us!); instead we walk, have fun, drive, build, speak, write and much more.

Everything we undertake and achieve is expressed by the activity of our musculoskeletal system. The other systems in the body are there to nourish, repair, and serve its demands. When a body is healthy, all its body systems work together, automatically changing to adapt to its needs. We are in a state of “ease” rather than “dis-ease”.

Osteopaths assess the condition of this musculoskeletal supporting system looking for areas of weakness, imbalance and excessive strain. Any potential ‘weak points’ will determine how well the body functions and will have an influence on the general health and vitality of the whole body.