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Osteopathy and Sports Injuries

Osteopathy can treat existing minor sports injuries and help sports enthusiasts and athletes to maximise their performance.

Many sports injuries are the result of:

  • excessive strain on the body resulting from overuse (playing or working too hard)
  • not warming the body up sufficiently before strenuous activity
  • incorrect equipment, such as poorly fitted footwear
  • reduced joint flexibility leading athletes to push the body further to achieve previous results
  • young people, placing exceptional physical demands on their body while it is still growing
  • overworking one part of the body at the expense of others that get missed out – creating imbalances in sports like Golf, Tennis, Squash etc

An Osteopath can help to:

  • restore structural balance to the body
  • improve joint mobility
  • reduce adhesions and soft tissue restrictions
  • advise on keeping supple
  • help to improve muscle tone
  • restore ease of movement
  • enhance performance

At Bury Osteopaths, we also have a Sports Therapist to provide complete sports injury support.  Contact us for more information.